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Market Recovery

The Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers has adopted a subsidy program to help its Union Members through their Signatory Contractors to regain market share within the area covered by this District Council where such a program shall be known as the Work Recovery Program. This is a voluntary program made possible by the District Council and is subject to revocation. In order to participate in this program, contractors may request and must meet the following requirements:

1. A current Full Term Master Labor Agreement must be on file for each area the Contractor performs work within this District Council and the fringe benefit contributions must be in current payment status with the Trust.

2. The Employer has voluntarily recognized that the Union is the exclusive bargaining agent of all employees performing bargaining unit work covered by each Area Agreement and has agreed that a majority of those employees have designated the Union as their collective bargaining representative.

3. A request on a specific project must be received at the District Council’s office at least seven (7) working days prior to the bid date.

4. The Employer section of a “Work Recovery Program Request Form,” WRP#1, must be filled out completely and mailed or faxed or e-mailed to:

Washington and Northern Idaho
District Council of Laborers
P.O. Box 12917
Mill Creek, WA 98082-0917
Fax #: (425) 741-2787


5. Only projects that have been specifically requested by completion of the Work Recovery Program Request Form, WRP#1, will be considered. The District Council will attempt to notify all fully signatory contractors who possess bid documents when a project is being considered for a subsidy by the Work Recovery Program Committee. The Council’s sole responsibility is to make a “good faith” effort to notify contractors.

6. Notification to contractors of an approved subsidy will be by a “Confirmation of Subsidy” at least four (4) hours prior to bid time, if possible. Notification will be given during the Council’s office hours which are 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. No job will be considered on Work Recovery Program status unless notification of its acceptance is given by the Business Manager of the District Council.

7. A Confirmation of Subsidy will be honored for thirty days after the scheduled bid date. If we are not informed of the bid results within those thirty days, we will close that file and the Work Recovery funds will become unavailable. If the bid is postponed, or if there is a delay in the award, you must notify this office in order to keep the file open.

8. The successful bidder will be sent a “Work Recovery Agreement,” WRP#3, upon being awarded the contract. The information on said form will reconfirm the commitment of the Work Recovery Program to reimburse the Employer for a stipulated number of hours at a given rate or advise that a cash grant has been awarded. Only hours specified in the Work Recovery Program Agreement will be reimbursed. If the subsidy is made calculated on an hourly basis, the amount of the subsidy will not exceed the actual total number of Laborers’ hours worked on the project. If the Confirmation of Subsidy includes subcontractor hours, only those submitted for all fully signatory subcontractors will be honored. If the commitment was made as a cash grant, then the amount of the grant will be paid in full. The signed Work Recovery Agreement must be returned to the District Council before any monies will be distributed.

9. A “Weekly Employee Time Sheet,” WRP#4, must be completed for each Laborer showing all hours worked on the funded job and sent to the District Council with the Monthly Reimbursement Request Form, WRP#5.  The Timesheets submitted must be originals.  Faxed or photocopied forms will not be accepted.

10. A “Monthly Reimbursement Request Form,” WRP#5, must be completed, signed and sent to the District Council every month for all Laborers employed on the Work Recovery Program job for the preceding work month.

11. The Work Recovery Program is intended as a supplement only. All other aspects of the Wage and Fringe Benefit package shall remain per the Industry Agreement, including regular wage increases and full fringe benefits.

12. In order for the Union to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of this program, the Employer must furnish the actual bid results, when available, regardless of the bid outcome. A Bid Result/Status sheet will be faxed with each Confirmation of Subsidy or Grant form.  This form must be returned to this office for EVERY project awarded a subsidy or grant.  Additionally, all sub-contractors who will perform work for you on a Work Recovery Project must be listed on the Bid Result/Status sheet.  This information will help us in assessing future targeting efforts. This information should be faxed or mailed to the District Council as soon as possible.

13.  These requirements will be adhered to by both parties until such time as they are revised by the Union; on-going jobs are not to be affected. Contractors may lose Work Recovery Program opportunities if abuse of this program is established by the Work Recovery Program Committee. A written notice will be sent to the contractor and he may appeal the decision through the Executive Board of the District Council.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (425) 741-3556 if you would like further information.

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