Our Staff

In the Office:

  • Don McLeod, Jr. – Business Manager & Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jermaine Smiley – Assistant Business Manager
  • Billy Wallace, Jr. – Political and Legislative Director
  • Bonnie Bautz – Office Manager
  • Lacey Newberry – Office Secretary

Field Agents:

  • Earl Smith
  • Juan Galindo
  • Deken Letinich
  • Troy McBain
  • Tonya Ohumukini
  • Robert McCloud

Our Mission

Construction Craft Laborers Build America! Construction Craft Laborers are proud members of the Laborers International Union of North America. The Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers represents 8 Union Locals across this region with over 10,000 active and retired members. Most people associate the Laborers Union with the commercial construction field and while Construction Craft Laborers comprise the majority of our membership, the Laborers’ Union and the District Council represent a wide variety of industry sectors including commercial construction, health care, public employees, resort & maintenance and public schools.

Since its initial charter in 1936, the Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers, in collaboration with its affiliated Local Unions, has maintained cohesion and unity for its members, their families and their communities.

The objectives, among others, of the International Laborers’ Union are:

  • To unite under its banner all persons engaged in labor classifications for their mutual benefit, aid and protection.
  • To establish appropriate wages, benefits, training and working conditions for all members.
  • To secure recognition by employers and the public of the right to engage in collective bargaining.
  • To promote, foster, develop and advance the skills, efficiency and working knowledge of its members.
  • To promote, foster and develop programs which advance the social utility and efficiency of industries employing its members.
  • To promote, build and foster harmonious relationships between employers and employees.
  • To strive toward effective programs which would improve, advance and increase opportunities for employment.
  • To engage in legislative and other activities to promote, protect and advance the physical, economic and social welfare of its members and of society at large.
  • To engage in research and educational activities to promote understanding and improve the conditions of life of all laboring people around the world.


Our mission at the Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers:

  • To fulfill the aforementioned objectives of the International Laborers’ Union.
  • To coordinate and consolidate the activities of our affiliated Local Unions which have a common interest.
  • To foster harmony and cohesion between our affiliated Local Unions.
  • To fairly and equitably represent all members of our affiliated Local Unions.
  • To provide highly skilled laborers to our signatory employers while maintaining a competitive position in our respective industries.